Friday, 19 July 2013

Popular festivals of Hungary I.

It was the summer of ’76 when some enthusiastic undergraduates organized the first EFOTT party in Abaliget after their exams. Since then it has been grown into a huge festival but still has a familiar tone that makes it so special.

As its name shows Rockmaraton is a really hard festival with rock and metal music in Pécs. You really can’t remonstrate its quality as it offers several sport and cultural programs – so you simply can’t be bored.

Hegyalja Fesztivál
It was more than a decade ago when the first Hegyalja Fesztivál was organised in Tokaj due to environmental protection. Of course it’s a great opportunity to taste the famous wines of the region, and admire the sights as well.

Volt Fesztivál
Volt is one of Hungary’s favourite festivals as the place, Sopron where it is organised makes it unforgettable. The historical city with its old and beautiful buildings and statues creates a fantastic atmosphere, especially at night.

Balaton Sound
Balaton Sound is a quite new and modern festival by Lake Balaton in Zamárdi, with tecktonic, dubstep and house music. It has already had several famous performers such as Moby, Fatboy Slim and David Guetta.

Thanks to the College of Dunaújváros, DUDIK has been organised every year since 2009. This festival is the only thing that lures hundreds of people to Dunaújváros.

With the most selective music and programs VeszprémFest became such famous that it has several visitors from around the country and abroad, as well. Fanciers of classical music, opera and jazz mustn’t miss the opportunity to spend a night in the city of Veszprém!

Sziget Fesztivál
There are many great festivals in Hungary, but Sziget Fesztivál is the best-known of all of them. It received awards such as UK Festival Awards for - Best Overseas Festival, and Europen Festival Awards - Best Major Festival which definitely shows that it has got no opponents.

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