Sunday, 3 July 2016

9 ways to improve your English on a Travel & Learn tour!

Join us on a unique amazenglish tour, improve your knowledge, broaden your horizon and stimulate your mind!


1. Make England your classroom while spending a week in the countryside!


2. Learn English from native speaker teachers based on our own language programme in cosy accommodation settings.


3. Take part in our communicative English classes with a lot of humour and various exercises.


4. Read authentic materials, listen to folk songs and immerse in the local culture.


5. Discover off the beaten track towns and villages with interactive tasks in small teams, interact with the locals, collect information and find the meeting point!


6. Practise English throughout the week by talking to local people you come across.



7. Get to know more about the region with the help of qualified local guides.




8. Socialize with your native speaker guides and teachers, exchange cultural experiences!




9. Make new friends on your way!